Service Times

Sunday Mornings-
Sunday School.... 9:00 a.m. 

Worship........... 10:15 a.m.


Midweek Study-

Wednesday...... 5:30 p.m.


New Members Class-

Sunday........... 9:35 a.m.

Wednesday...... 4:30 p.m. & 5:00 p.m.




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12024 HWY 80

Gallion, Alabama 36742

Phone # 334-289-0305

Through God’s divine grace, in November of 1883, Trustee Britton Brown, Trustee Lewis Brown, Trustee Daniel Webster, and Trustee George Matthews purchased one acre of land from C.W. Collins and his wife, Hattie, to build a structure that would be used for a church and a public school. The cost of the land at the time was $40.00. This parcel of land was located in the southwest corner of the Ingleside Plantation. It was bordered on the south by the Uniontown/Demopolis road and on the west side by Arcola road.

          There is no record showing how long it was before a structure was actually built on the property, but the property was recorded in the deed book on April 5, 1884 and was titled “The Colored Baptist Church of Macon, Alabama.” The name “Macon” was later changed to “Gallion.”


          The present structure is the fourth church building. The original structure was destroyed by a storm around 1915 during the pastorate of Reverend William Moten. While the second structure was being built, another wind storm blew the new church frame off its blocks. Until the completion of the second church, worship services were held under a brush harbor. The second church was finally completed on April 23, 1916 during the pastorate of Reverend William Moten who served for eight years. The Deacons were R. B Shearer, G. Hugh, C. Shearer, J. Gracie, N. Gracie and W. George.   It is believed that this second structure was renamed Mount Olive Baptist Church.


          School was taught in the church until 1927. The Mount Olive School moved from the church to a building on a plot of land owned by Mr. Peter Brown which was located ½ mile to the right of the old Highway 80 East. The current Highway 80 East has swallowed up the site where the school once sat. The school building had an upstairs that was used as a Masonic Hall. In 1942, a storm blew the roof off of the school. While the roof was being rebuilt by Mr. Richard Jones and Mr. Peter Brown, the students went back to Mount Olive Baptist Church to continue classes. In 1943, students returned the school building that no longer included an upstairs to be used as a Masonic Hall but instead was a single story building to serve students in the 1st through 8th grades.


The second structure endured many years, due primarily to numerous repairs and renovations; however, in 1959 the second church was torn down, and a third structure was built under the leadership of Reverend M. S. Strother. Mr. Alfred Black was the contractor. The Deacons were G. Hughes, C. Shearer, J. Gracie, N. Gracie, and W. George.

          After Reverend Strother’s tenure, Reverends Jones and Jefferies served until Reverend Jessie Dunnigan was selected as Pastor and served for a few years.  Reverend Layman Harris served as Pastor after Reverend Dunnigan. 

In 1994, renovations to the third structure were made with the addition of a fellowship hall, classrooms, and a baptistery. These renovations were done under the leadership of Reverend Laymon Harris with Bell Construction serving as contractors. The Deacons were Joe Gracie, N Gracie, Adams, Jeffery, C. Pullum, and Smoot.  After the death of Reverend Harris, Reverend Kenneth Thomas became Pastor. 


The Church went from having service twice a month to every week under the leadership of Pastor Thomas.  In 2001, Reverend Thomas stepped down and Reverend Phillip White was selected as the Pulpit Conductor until a pastor could be found. In June of 2001, Reverend Phillip White was chosen as Pastor. Brothers Ned Gracie, Freddie Gracie, Ernest Scott, Albert Hughes, James Gracie, Willie Lawson, and Henry Owens were Deacons at that time. The Church began focusing on building the family unit. Under the leadership of Pastor White, Mount Olive started an 8:00 AM Sunday Morning Worship, Sunday School Outreach Breakfast, Health Care Ministries, Walk for Life Ministries, and a list of other ministries to impact the church and community.


In 2003, major improvements were made once again, resulting in a complete remodeling of the sanctuary. In addition to new windows being added, new wall to wall carpet, new pews, and lighting were also added. The project was completed under the leadership of Pastor White with Mr. Charlie Collier serving as contractor.


In 2007, more improvements were made, with the addition of two restrooms in the foyer area and replacing the flooring in the Fellowship Hall. These repairs were made under the leadership of Pastor White with Jones Construction serving as contractor.


Again the Church began to turn its attention to ministry; The Boys to Men Ministry, The Woman to Woman Ministry, American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Ministry, Radio Ministry, Social Media Ministry, Blessed Readers Book Club Ministry, Couple’s Ministry, New Generation Ministry and Pastor’s Aide Ministry were all added to the list of ministries. The church continued to grow, and it was evident that a new sanctuary was needed.

In 2014 the Church purchased five acres of land from Kelly P. Barnes, at 12024 U.S. Highway 80 in Gallion, Alabama to build a new facility for Worship.  This location is just east of the location at 1267 Mount Olive Road, Gallion, AL.  On June 14, 2015, ground breaking services were held. On July 31, 2016 members entered the current “Place of Worship.” The sanctuary was built under the leadership of Pastor Phillip White; Jones Construction served as the contractor. The Deacons were Albert Hughes, Frank White, Ned Gracie, Freddie Gracie, Frankie Hall, Joseph Lawson, Calvin Jordan, Leroy Fikes, John Mullen, Arthur Turner, and Wilson Johnson.